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                Jiangsu Province Gantry Robot Engineering Research Center | Contact us | Chinese | EnglishHello, Welcome to visit STON ROBOT CHANGZHOU CO., LTD. official website!
                STON ROBOTSmart factory solution
                Service Hotline:0519-83611100


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                To serve customers as its purpose, adhering to the three 24-hour service concepts, to achieve high efficiency for customers is our goal!

                Response within 24 hours, arrival within 24 hours, and solving within 24 hours

                Hotline: 0519-83611100

                STON ROBOT CHANGZHOU CO., LTD.

                (Smart factory、Automatic production line、AGV、MES、WMS)

                  Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Wujin District Xinhui Road on the 7th

                  [TEL] 86-0519-83600100   [FAX] 86-0519-83600222

                STON ROBOT YINCHUAN CO., LTD.

                (Gantry robot , Automatic production line, Machine tool fixture)

                  Yinchuan City Development Zone West SME Venture Base on the 7th plant

                  [TEL] 86-0951-5985131    [FAX] 86-0951-5985131

                China regionCitySales callAfter-sales service call
                North ChinaJinan 0086-185052091390086-18505209131
                South ChinaGuangzhou 0086-185052091380086-18505209132
                Central ChinaZhengzhou 0086-185052091370086-18505209133
                East ChinaChangzhou 0086-185052091360086-18505209134
                Western ChinaChongqing 0086-185052091350086-18505209115
                Zhejiang, ChinaHangzhou 0086-185052091150086-18505209134
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