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    Germany AAT

    Date: 2017-04-17 10:56:15 Hit:241

    Global professional intelligent warehousing and control system

    Brief introduction of AAT group

    Were &nbsp 1995 Carles Lou Maher was born in Germany;

    Were   team members: Germans, Belgians, Turks

    Have 60 employees worldwide

    robot luggage loading system:

    Were   Amsterdam South Hall   6 sets of systems (2007)

    Were   Amsterdam Dandong Hall of the 1 systems (2007)

    Have a &nbsp T3 terminal; London 2 systems (2012)

    Were   Frankfurt T2 terminal 1 systems (2013)

    The emirate of Dubai were   1 sets of system

    Were &nbsp 2017; there are 9 options

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